• $50,000.00 Richard C. on Panda's Gold
  • $46,060.00 Douglas M. on Cash Bandits 3
  • $43,745.54 Robert K. on Eagle Shadow Fist
  • $41,220.00 Dylan P. on Cash Bandits 3
  • $30,696.71 Ramusevic S. on Naughty Or Nice
  • $27,015.00 Bec W. on Stardust
  • $24,770.00 Lacey-Maree W. on Samba Sunset
  • $21,270.00 Brenton W. on Triple Twister
  • $20,640.00 Stephen C. on Panda's Gold
  • $20,526.00 Courtney P. on Triple Twister
  • $20,240.00 Rana E. on Coyote Cash
  • $20,160.00 Ljubica K. on Panda's Gold
  • $19,680.00 Dwayne J. on Panda's Gold
  • $19,610.00 Ethan J. on Ghost Ship
  • $19,200.00 Maria P. on Shanghai Lights
  • $18,308.00 Bree P. on Panda's Gold
  • $18,000.00 Shane L. on Samba Sunset
  • $16,875.00 Daniel G. on Witchy Wins
  • $15,625.00 Gabriella N. on Small Fortune
  • $15,365.00 Reece K. on Ninja Star
  • $15,000.00 Kerry F. on Cleopatras Gold
  • $14,850.00 Christian A. on Bubble Bubble 2
  • $14,845.75 Niklas F. on Goldbeard
  • $14,294.48 Erica W. on Plentiful Treasure
  • $12,950.00 Amy H. on Diamond Fiesta
  • $12,432.00 Atkinson C. on Shanghai Lights
  • $12,265.75 Leeza A. on Cash Bandits 3
  • $12,262.50 Cassandra D. on Storm Lords
  • $12,190.00 Brian M. on Cash Bandits 3
  • $12,175.00 Alana P. on Storm Lords
  • $12,000.00 Ethan H. on Panda's Gold
  • $11,875.00 Kareena K. on Storm Lords
  • $11,250.00 Sheldon B. on Loch Ness Loot
  • $11,215.00 Greg R. on Naughty Or Nice
  • $10,920.00 Sarah F. on Cash Bandits 3
  • $10,908.00 Monique R. on Panda's Gold
  • $10,882.75 Hongvan N. on Plentiful Treasure
  • $10,836.00 Kelly M. on Triple Twister
  • $10,100.00 Marco G. on Ghost Ship
  • $10,064.00 Marianne H. on Eagle Shadow Fist
  • $10,020.00 Nicole C. on Coyote Cash
  • $10,000.00 Danielle W. on Cleopatras Gold
  • $9,985.00 Hayden R. on Witchy Wins
  • $9,660.00 Terri H. on Panda Magic
  • $9,315.00 David W. on Return of the Rudolph
  • $9,225.00 Benjamin C. on Bubble Bubble 2
  • $9,192.50 Jordy D. on God of Wealth
  • $9,180.00 Mathew S. on Bubble Bubble 2
  • $9,130.00 Nigel P. on Fire Dragon
  • $9,000.00 Deanna J. on Eternal Love

Fair Go Casino - Australian Online Casino

🏆 Casino Best Game Panda's Gold Pokie
🎁 Casino Bonus 150% Match Bonus!
💸 Min Deposit 20AUD
🇦🇺 Best for AU Players
📱 Toll Free Phone 1800 953 261
💬 Support Email, LiveChat, Phone

As online gambling is getting more and more popular in the world, Australia has its own options to offer to the customers. Fair Go casino is a good choice, and in this article we will tell everything you may need to know about it.

It was founded in 2017, and for all these years, this establishment managed to gain all the trust and consumers' choices. It is designed especially for Australian players. That is why they will not meet any problems connected with language, currency or region of gambling. In the pros, we can put Bitcoin paying, 24/7 customer service and great bonuses for every player: from the new to the experienced ones.

The process of becoming a part of this club is not difficult, and you will learn all about it at the end of this article. From players' reviews it is clear that you will not regret joining this Fair Go casino.

Fair Go Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are an important step to check on while choosing any legit place for gambling. What is the purpose of them? The first and the main thing is that you are getting a chance to try any game you like and get used to it.

As you can understand, they are giving you free money, spin, or just opportunities to earn even more. You do not need to pay for them, but sometimes it is important to complete requirements, so you can get more. They are not hard, but mandatory:

  • The first one to see is a welcome bonus. $1 000 will be divided between the first 5 deposits you are going to make. Therefore, you are getting all the money, and have a chance to spend it reasonably. The code for this operation is “welcome”. Only signs are allowed to take part.
  • Deposit bonus 2023 is a chance to get your funds back from the deposit percentages. It will be given in the size of $200 for 100% and even 30 free spins.
  • Free bonuses have their name for a reason, so customers are not forced to make any additional deposits. In this way, they will get up to 175$ on 100 %.
  • Cashback bonuses are made to return some sums from your spending in the cash, so you can use them in other cases. Fair Go casino gives 30% on your deposits.

In addition to these ones, there are also unscheduled bonuses, which can be given only on some special occasions. They are more personal, for example, present for birthday or the day of joining the casino.

Wagering requirements for Bonuses

Even though these offers can be free, and customers are not forced to make any other payments, there is no chance that a casino will let them have it for nothing. Online establishments need to have some guarantee that customers are going to spend more time in their place and they are not giving bonuses for nothing. They also need something in return, so casinos have funds to provide all the further bonuses and promotions.

Wagering requirements are mandatory, so there is no way to avoid them. Though they are not high or hard to achieve, you still need to know about them.

For any no deposit bonus, you have to pay in general 30x for the size of bonus. Free ones are the most expensive as the size of payment increases to 60x. Cashback offers have the least valuable requirements, which are only 10x.

Fair Go Casino Deposit Methods

When you have your account and you are ready to go playing any games, there is this problem. You may not know how to deposit or any rules for it, so it is crucial to read all the information.

There are only the best methods for this operation. For example, Fair go casino offer Visa, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, MasterCard, POLi, and American Express. You cannot put money in the casino with Bank Transfer, but you can even not notice it as there are loads of other great options.

The process of depositing is not difficult:

  1. Choose the game you like and read its conditions.
  2. Check if you can claim any Fair Go bonus. If it is so, try them and make a deposit next time.
  3. If it is not so, you need to check the amount of minimum deposit and click on the button.
  4. You will be asked to select the method and the amount of money you want to put in. Pay a lot of attention to this step and the limits set by the bank you prefer.
  5. Confirm your intentions in the back and wait until this money is on your account.
  6. Start playing hundreds exciting slots and other casino games!

Minimum and Maximum Deposit

Before you start making deposits and playing, you need to pay attention to one more thing. The minimum and maximum deposit, available by the casino and bank is important while paying money. These limits can differ from each other, so you cannot deposit less than it is allowed with back or casino.

The lowest deposit is available with Neosurf, where you can spend only $10. However, the maximum deposit is one of the lowest as well, only $250. On average, deposit is starting from $20, but the highest can rather differ. For example, Bitcoin and Neteller let $2.5000 while Visa and MasterCard only $500.

Fair Go Casino Withdrawals Methods

If there is a way to avoid making a deposit, withdrawals cannot be avoided. However, there is hardly any player who is willing not to get extra money. Of course, if you have not made any deposit, you will not get any withdrawal, as it is the rules, so do not be surprised when you are not given any money.

There are noticeably fewer methods for withdrawal, if we compare them to the deposits. However, it does not mean that they are worse or less reliable. You can use Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill for this operation. Moreover, Bank Transfer is available for it as well, unlike deposits. Visa, MasterCard, Neosurf and POLi are not allowed for it.

You do not have to be an advanced player to withdraw your money:

  1. Select the withdrawal method you want to use and check if it is available.
  2. Determine the sums you want to withdraw according to the limits.
  3. Fill in all the requested information, such as password, and card number.
  4. Confirm the payment and wait some time until your winnings are on your bankcard.

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal

Though there are not so many options for this operation, it does not mean that even the limits are bad. You need to check on them for every method individually, as it can differ from bank to bank. For example, for Skrill the minimum is $1 000 per one time, $5 000 per one day, $20 000 per one month. The maximum is high as well, from $5 000 per one time and to $50 000 per month. Other options can be lower in min and higher in the max.

Fair Go Casino Games

Games are the most important thing in the online casino whatsoever. Indeed, customers come into these houses to have fun and play in numerous slots and other games, so if there are a few of them, it is the sign to go out of them. Why should gamblers not have trustworthy and low quality games from unreliable providers, when they can have the best?

Fair Go casino is the best. There are hundreds of games, pokies, which are created by the most popular software providers. For example, RTG, Microgaming, Playtech, ITG, Evolution Gaming, etc. The interface is pleasant and convenient; there is a wide range of types. Customers will find blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and slots, of course. There are different styles for them, so you will not get tired of them. Even now, all the providers are creating more games, so when you are done with old ones there will be new ones.

Fair Go Online Slots

Slots in Australia are called pokies, though it is no different from the usual ones in other countries. As a rule, they are the most numerous in the online casinos, and fair go is not an exception as well. There are hundreds of completely different games, which share the only one common trait: they have high quality and incredible designs.

Indeed, one of the most popular options are Achilles, Red Sands, Ghost Ship, Texan Tycoon, Fire Dragon, Naughty or Nice, etc. Providers, such as RTG, Microgaming, take care of customers and do their best to create interesting game for players.

Fair Go Table Games

Though there are loads of slots or pokies, it does not mean that there are no usual table games. Moreover, there are as many as slots in Fair Go. Software provider try to create only the best option, the most convenient, reliable, safe, and in this establishment they manage to do it. For example, there are different types of blackjack and poker. All of them can offer customers different bonuses and VIP programs, so they will always have interesting features. There are some games, for which you do not need to pay. They called demo versions, which help to test any option.

Fair Go Money Games

Here is another type of game in Fair Go casino. It is a well-known fact that all the games can be played for money and free. However, if customers are choosing the second option, they cannot win anything and therefore withdraw. They are mostly for getting used to the casino and understanding its rules. It is a common thing to let players try a demo version, and after some time to ask to pay to continue.

However, not all the online casinos can boast about it. Some of them have only games for money, and it is not a bad thing. Of course, you cannot try it for free, but on the other hand, there is a chance to start gambling without any delay. In this case, you can test and earn money simultaneously. Although you still need to pay at first, it will not be in vain.

How to Open an Account in Fair Go Casino?

This question is the first one, which you should ask on your way of becoming a real online casino gambler in Australia. Allowed actions in any online house without an account are rather limited: you can enter it, look through all the rules, terms and conditions, maybe you will be able to see game information. You cannot ask anything in the live chat or play. Customers need accounts.

Though it can look like a long challenge, it is a rather easy and quick process:

  1. Open the Fair Go free casino and enter it.
  2. Before you sign up, make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions. Moreover, there is a page with some general rules, which have to be read as well.
  3. Press the sign up button and fill in all the requested information. Do not worry about its safety, as the license makes its work and protects all the personal data.
  4. Do not forget about the verification process. Confirm that you are using your data for entering a casino.
  5. Set up your password and login, fill in your profile information.
  6. After it, you are ready to log in to your account and start gambling!

Fair Go Casino Software

The issue of software providers is rather crucial, if you want to play safe and high quality games. Nowadays there are loads of different options, and it is getting more difficult to find a good one. However, not all of them are approved all over the world. For example, in casinos in Australia one is rather good. Its name stands for Real time Gaming, and it provides the best games.

Live and mobile ones are made for any screen size, so you can play on both phone and computer. Designs are pleasant to an eye and the navigation is easy to use.

Fair Go Live Casino

The beauty of live casino games is in the opportunity to play in real time. It means that you are allowed to make bets and change them during the game without any need to wait until the end of it. Moreover, there is a chance to play with other real gamblers, which means that you can talk with them and even build some kind of strategy.

Casinos software provider does its best to make the most convenient games, such as different monopoly and usual blackjack and slots. However, there is a disadvantage as there are no live dealer games in Fair Go.

Fair Go Mobile Casino

Nowadays mobile gambling is developing at an incredible speed, and there are certain reasons for it. Firstly, it is rather convenient for all the players, who cannot stay all day long in front of the computer. It can be not only the casino app; there are the same conditions for mobile web sites. As it is made for any screen size, there is no difference in devices. Moreover, the range of games for them does not differ as well, so customers can play blackjack, poker, slots and all the others.

Payment issue is not a problem as banks allow paying from the phone.

Fair Go Casino App

This casino is known for the fact that it does not need any installation, especially on the desktop. You can just go to the website version and find everything you need in there. There is no difference between them, so why should you try to download it?

However, it does not mean that you are not allowed to do it. On the contrary, their mobile application is exactly for those, who are willing to play on the phone on Android and iOS. There are even some features for those gamblers, though it does not mean that it is better than other ones.

Fair Go Casino Support

Client support is extremely important, since it is the only way customers can interact with the casino crew. It can also be a sign whether to enter any establishment or it is bad. Fair go online casino cars about its customers, so the support is not only reliable, but it is also 24/7. It means that you can play whenever you want and get your problem solved at the same time.

There are a few ways to do it. For instance, you are going to the live chat and ask in there. However, if the problem is rather serious and big, there is an email address, where you can write, but the answer will take time.

Security and Regulation

The first thing you need to know about any go casino you are going to play: whether it has a good license. It is unsafe to enter any of them, if their history is not reliable, license is unknown or there are bad reviews, which make sense.

Of course, we check all of these in advance, so you do not need to waste your time. FairGo casino has Curacao Gaming license, and it is the best of the best. It means that there are no chances that you are robbed or cheated while playing there. However, customers still need to read terms and conditions.

Fair Go Casino Overview

In conclusion, if you are not sure if it is a good idea to play in this casino, we will sum everything up. Of course, it is your decision, and we cannot change your mind, so read this article. Firstly, the license approved all over the world can be a guarantee that it is safe and reliable. Numerous games are the reason why you should at least try it for once. Payment methods are known in the world: Visa, MasterCard, NeoSurf, etc. The limits are client-friendly and convenient to deposit and withdraw. Customer support is available all day long and available in different ways.

Fair Go Information

The license of Fair mobile casino Australia is from Curacao, which is approved all over the world. It was founded in 2017, and since that time, this online establishment has been providing its services.

There are hundreds of games, such as pokies, poker, blackjack and other ones. There are different languages on the site, such as English, German, French, and Spanish. Client support is available all day long. The minimum deposit is AU$20, the maximum one is up to $2 500.